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<!--020111025001091-->Spank Rock - 'Energy' [(Black) Vinyl EP]

Spank Rock


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Going on five years after the release of the highly superior debut album YoYoYoYoYo, mastermind Spank Rock aka Naeem Juwan touched ground with the sophomore full-length, the excellently titled 'Everything Is Boring and Everyone Is a Fucking Liar', due in September.

Featuring production mostly handled by Boys Noize in addition to single-shot offerings from the Neptunes' Pharrell Williams, original Spank Rock producer XXXchange, well known super-producer Mark Ronson, as well as Sam Spiegel aka Squeak E. Clean of N.A.S.A. and Chris Rockswell.

The first single comes with a little aural accompaniment in the shape of 'Energy', which ditches synthetic sheen to sample Can's Vitamin C. "I need new energy," runs the chorus, showing Juwan's vision for 2011.

Alongside the original track four remixers excellently joining the party:

The first remix delivered by JAN DRIVER out from the Boysnoize Rec. camp is showing us the deep and hidden side of the track. While the female vocals operating in the shadow background, the army of trumpets rising in the front forcing you against the wall.

The second remix on digital release by the New Yorkers WIN WIN (XXXchange group) starts with a cocktail and a cool summerbreeze just right to that moment after 2 min (!), where a siren bursts in, turning into a frenetic laserbeam. But instead of a 4/4 beat climax the track suddenly drops, setting the energy and your mind free..wonderful !!

THE GLIMMERS (Studio !K7/Diskimo), who have already remixed favs like Freddy Mercury and Roxy Music so far, are pushing the track back where it belongs - to the dancefloor. It sounds like Soft Cell and Human League have embraced Bootsy Collin's bassguitar competing for space with Juwan's energetic voice flow, addictive.

While on the other hand their second version called DG DISKO, sends out a discodriven spaceship for us to join Juwan's 2011 odyssee. You can even make out the stars and visualise Spank Rock riding through the galaxy.

We need new energy, we need Spank Rock, now!
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