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Special Teamz

Interview (Outside The Retail Store - 9/28/07)


Duckdown Records in the house! The MC's that make up Special Teamz (EDO.G, JaySaun, & Slaine) are hardly rookies to the game, so when they decided to join forces to record a full length LP, hip hop heads all over the globe began eagerly anticipating the album's release with a vengeance. Stereotypez is already being called the best hip hop album of 2007 by some, and we have an exclusive interview with squad. In this part of the interview, they talk about the formation of the team, their relationship in the studio and in life, and how risky of a decision was it to sign with Duckdown Records.
  • Feb 24, 2008
  • 06:27
  • Interviews
  • EDO.G; Slaine; Jaysaun
  • DJ ON&ON