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Spokinn Movement - '60 Minute Spin Cycle' [CD]

Spokinn Movement

60 Minute Spin Cycle


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Spokinn Movement is a Hip Hop collective consisting of four like minded artists that have performed, recorded, and composed broad and compelling styles of music. Drawing from their influences and creative inclinations, they bring a fresh perspective to live Hip Hop with a hard driving movement of melodies, groove, interaction, and lyricism. Their extensive roots in Improvisational Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop, Rhythm and Blues, and World music travel musical distances as expansive as their collective imagination and experience. Spokinn Movement has an energy unrivaled by any commercial or underground band of today. In early 2006, the band had the #1 and #2 downloads for all compilations on iTunes with their songs "Flows", and "Apes" from the "Songs From the Underground" album. They held those positions for over 2 months. Spokinn Movement has also recently signed a marketing and promotional deal with Rawkus Records. Spokinn Movement is: Yoni Halevy, a drummer of 18 years well versed in improvisational style, is trained as a jazz musician. He is versed in various styles including traditional Arabic, Balkan, funk, rock and avant garde. Chris Cuzme, originally a jazz saxophonist of 22 years, he has played the bass for 8 years, taking his critical skill as a saxophonist to the world of bass. He has recorded and performed with the likes of Chris Berry and Pangea, Sole Pocket, King Britt, Tim Motzer, and has been a hired gun for String Cheese Incident, Ursula Rucker, and Slick Rick, among countless others. Cuzme also an honorary JB, playing saxophone on the latest JB's album, "Bringin the Funk on Down". Dave Cinquegrana contributes guitar, guitar synth, and loops to the crew. He has played for 20 years across genres including R&B, jazz, rock, experimental, and hip hop. The son of a soul and R&B drummer, has played and recorded with Ms. (Lauryn) Hill, Soul Pocket, and is part of the rhythm section XO. iLLspOkinN's lyrical style commands immediate attention, with a delivery entirely his own. His writing gives insight to considerable intellectual depth, anecdotes, joy, pain, experience, and unparalleled bravado. His fierce freestyling skills stagger the mind with their flexibility and continuity. iLL has won countless emcee battles, tournaments, and freestyle competitions throughout New York and has shared the stage with Hip Hop luminaries such as Run-DMC, KRS-One, Rahzel, and Kurtis Blow.
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