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SRAW - 'Beat Weeks' [(Black) Vinyl LP]


Beat Weeks

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record

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Debut album on KingUnderground - Instrumental beat tapes vol 1-2, produced in 2008-2009 from Swedish producer Sun Raw aka SRAW.

The "Beat Week" concept came about in 2008 when Myspace still was the main internet platform for spreading independent music. SRAW wanted to use the social media platform to his advantage and make a release that was adapted to the specific ways of posting music and maintaining an audience on Myspace. He came up with the idea to publish one song a day for the duration of a week so that it would exist as a whole in the Myspace player after the week had passed. The beats were simply named after the day it was published, making the final beat tape hold 7 tracks. Beat Week #1 was received very well so a year later Beat Week #2 was released in the same way. Around this time Myspace had lost most users to Facebook, and Soundcloud slowly began to take over as the new platform for musicians.

"I guess this is my tribute to the (for many of us) important MySpace days!" - SRAW
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