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Stat Quo - 'Statlanta' [CD]
Stat Quo - 'Statlanta' [CD]
Stat Quo - 'Statlanta' [CD]
Stat Quo - 'Statlanta' [CD]

Stat Quo



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From the onset, Stat Quo wanted to raise the standards (i.e., the status quo) for MCs in the rap game, particularly in Southern hip hop. Stat was handpicked by rap superstar Eminem and the legendary Dr. Dre as a potential up-and-comer. "Statlanta" remains one of the most anticipated LPs. The question remains, what does Dr. Dre, Eminem and Sha Money XL know that we don't know? After years of being groomed by some of hip hop's biggest stars, gaining national exposure, Stat Quo is ready to win with his upcoming release and new home Dream Big Ventures. Dream Big Ventures was created by the man who helped bring 50 Cent to the mainstream and former G-Unit President Sha Money XL. With the combination of artist and executive talent, this will certainly put points on the board and secure the win for Stat and Dream Big Ventures.
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