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<!--020090602001027-->Stokyo Music x Serato Pressings - 'Shibuya Breaks' [(Smoke Marble) 12" Vinyl Control]

Stokyo Music x Serato Pressings

Shibuya Breaks

Smoke Marble Vinyl

12" Vinyl Control Record

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  • 8.6 oz
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  • Stokyo Music
Serato's official record project "SERATO PRESSINGS" introduces SHIBUYA BREAKS. A new flavor for HIP-HOP / R&B / SCRATCH DJ'S/TURNTABLISTS and all other genre lovers to enjoy! A record for those DJ'S who embrace the hybrid game of analog and digital is finally available!

This record is designed to facilitate the Mix/Party Rock/Scratch/Battle DJ to use Serato on one side while flipping over and finding the Shibuya Breaks side with all your favorite scratches, beats, skip proof to locked grooves for ensuring continuous beats. On top of that, tones and 95 BPM on beat Scratch sentences, party breaks, anthems, sound effects & tracks to make sure you don't skip a beat! From your classic "Ahhhhhhh Fresh" to the more advanced scratch sentences from the pros of today are all found on side A (Shibuya Breaks side). On the Serato Scratch Live tone control side, you will find the Vinyl Scroll feature, only found on official Serato vinyl!

So what is Shibuya? If you're a digger or a vinyl enthusiast, you know what we're talking about! One of the World capitals of record digging, vinyl and DJ culture, we bring you a little taste from our backyard in Japan, Shibuya. Puzzled by our logos? Google, Hachikou and find the legend behind our favorite mascot. This is history in the making, and they'll be gone before you know it.
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