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<!--020110215028291-->Stokyo - 'The Selector' [Switch]
<!--020110215028291-->Stokyo - 'The Selector' [Switch]
<!--020110215028291-->Stokyo - 'The Selector' [Switch]
<!--020110215028291-->Stokyo - 'The Selector' [Switch]


The Selector



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  • 43.3 oz
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  • Stokyo
The use of a laptop DVS system by the majority of DJ's has become the standard. With this in mind, STOKYO has recognized the issue with smooth transitions between different DJ's or performers at venues and clubs and created a quality solution.

The Selector is a quality Japanese made product that can support easy switching of up to three sources. It also functions as an auxiliary mixer to add channels to an otherwise simple 2 channel mixer. Its silent components matched with the stand alone (no power supply necessary) operation ensures seamless transitions between sources.

• Easily switch between 3 sources on any channel of the mixer.
• No power supply necessary (stand alone operation)
• Shielded construction to ensure clean signal transfer.
• Ability to select control vinyl source. Either CD or Phono.
• OFC cables included for easy setup and optimal quality.
• Silent and transparent Thru mode for easy use of non-DVS sources.
• High quality RCA connectors to prevent failure after repeated use.

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