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<!--020110215028290-->Stokyo x Volkswagen - 'Soundwagon' [(Magenta) Portable Vinyl Player]

Stokyo x Volkswagen


Magenta Vinyl

Portable Vinyl Record Player

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  • 5.2 oz
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  • Stokyo
Once again the SOUNDWAGON is now available world wide! As the world's smallest portable vinyl record player, the SOUNDWAGON is a must for any DJ or music lover. Featured in the 2001 movie, Scratch, and various media around the world, the SOUNDWAGON is a highly sought collectible previously unavailable globally. The only way to get one was to travel to Japan! But no need for a plane ticket now!

But it's not just a collectable. The SOUNDWAGON is a self-contained record player, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Just place it on any 33 113 rpm vinyl record and listen to it's sound, driven by a 9V battery and a NEW and IMPROVED built-in speaker. Whether shopping for vinyl records, checking out the stash at your local garage sale or listening to your old man's disco records, the SOUNDWAGON is a must.

Now available in 2 NEW colors, Magenta and Robo Grey, the SOUNDWAGON will look great next to your turntables or on your coffee table. Amaze your friends with the SOUNDWAGON.

Once know as the "Vinyl Killer" Stokyo has brought SOUNDWAGON back to their original name and also have made drastic measures to improve the quality and the build including a new and improved needle and cartridge unit. Introduced back in the 70s' the SOUNDWAGON is the only vintage portable record player still in existence today. Don't be fooled by cheaper imitations or other knock-offs, this is the real deal, an officially licensed product of Volkswagen AG and hand assembled and MADE IN JAPAN. REMEMBER it isn't the real thing if it's not a SOUNDWAGON.