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Stoopz N' Breeze - 'Turn Up The Smooth' [CD]
Stoopz N' Breeze - 'Turn Up The Smooth' [CD]
Stoopz N' Breeze - 'Turn Up The Smooth' [CD]
Stoopz N' Breeze - 'Turn Up The Smooth' [CD]

Stoopz N' Breeze

Turn Up The Smooth


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You've seen them in the streets! You've seen them in the clubs! You've seen them touching your girl...

BOB STOOPZ, most known for being fired from the "We Are The World" recording session, provides the elevator music for this breakthrough LP. Born and raised by wild german shepherds on the streets of Farmington Hills, MI, Stoopz had to learn how to play the keytar at a young age to make ends meet. That wasn't really working out so he decided to reconcile with his wealthy family.

DREW BREEZE, a product of numerous foster homes as a youth and the rapping half of the power pop duo, got his big break from a coca-cola commercial and was quickly signed by Disney to be a dancer on Kids Incorporated. After turning to hard drugs, Breeze found himself back in Detroit where he turned out hookers, sold crack, and robbed banks. With his life finally back in order, it was a chance encounter with Stoopz at a local Perry Drugs store that would eventually culminate into the most notorious criminal partnership of the decade... and also into a shitty rap album.

TURN UP THE SMOOTH is the story of Stoopz and Breeze's exodus from Detroit to Miami and their rise to the top of Dade County's criminal underworld. Along the way, they tangle with female drug lords, sell cocaine to Dan Marino and party with Shalamar.

"You've all know my stance on rappers for the way they portray women as 'bitches' and 'hos', but after I heard Drew Breeze's sexy voice... mmm, mmm... boy, nevermind all that!"-- Oprah Winfrey

"OMG. I just can't get enought of Bob Stoopz and Drew Breeze! Chuh... Their music is, like, so awesome!!"-- Puff Diddy

"I don't like Bob Stoopz"-- Wilford Brimley
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