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<!--120130205053388-->Strange Changes - 'I Want You' [CD]

Strange Changes

I Want You




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Dig into the most confounding, dazzling and original release of 2012: Strange Changes' debut full-length album I Want You. This Zappa-tinged big band explosion leaves no genre untouched, taking the listener on an unpredictible and catchy ride through the American musical lexicon. Highlights include the folk ballad "Oh, Oh Lord," the epic math-funk composition "Dinosaur Gravy," and the signature political satire "American Sausage." The music is equal parts challenging and engaging, drawing heavily on the traditions of American popular music ranging from old-timey jazz to psychedelia to heavy metal and everything in between.

Helmed by singer/composer Tom Dowd, Strange Changes is one of the fastest-growing and most talked about live acts in the country. I Want You was recorded at Lion's Den Studios in Allston, MA over a 2 year period, and features an all-star cast of great young players: Devin Collins, Evan Marien, Joe Brogan, Lyubo Tsanev, Geo Nielsen, Erik van Dam, Tiago Michelin, Sam Crawford, Craig Hill, and more. Tom's sprawling compositions contain a plethora of opportunities for these top-notch improvisers to stretch out, balancing his uniqe sense of structure and narrative with the chaotic energy of jazz. The record was masterfully engineered and mixed by Geo" Nielsen (Ghosts of Jupiter, The Karma Exchange), who also doubles on both trombone and guitar.

In today's rapidly fracturing industry, most artists will tell you they have come up with a totally new sound, and not many deliver. No matter your tastes or preconceptions, there is no denying that Strange Changes have crafted one of the most distinct and ambitious musical vocabularies on the scene today. Listen to I Want You and "step into the spazzed out psychomusical time blender" that Tom and company have assembled (Daniel Shea, Boston Hassle). We promise you haven't heard anything quite like it.
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