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<!--020051004005501-->Strong Arm Steady - 'The Collector's Edition Vol. 1' [CD]

Strong Arm Steady

The Collector's Edition Vol. 1



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Anyone who's followed hiphop that reads a bit under the radar has been familiar with west coast regulars Strong Arm Steady. Strong Arm is literally assaulting the streets with endless promotion and mixtapes coming out left and right. Strong Arm wants to bring the West Coast mixtape scene, which at their own admittance is not the strongest, to the forefront and "The Collector's Edition" is a best of, compiling their strongest material from late into one jampacked album. With Xzibit, literally everywhere you look whether it's rambling on in deodarant commercials or hosting his own show, and underground staples, Phil Da Agony and Krondon; Strong Arm have quite the formidable crew.
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