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SumKid Majere - 'The Lil Folk' [CD]

SumKid Majere

The Lil Folk


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The Lil Folk is the debut LP by budding MC/Songcraftsman, Sum Majere. The album boasts the experimental sounds of his extended crew, The VJC and all the Southern charm, wit and creativity at his disposal. Think Mark Twain meets Hieroglyphics and OutKast. Releasing the chart-topping energetic single ' Ninjas&Flies' in 2006 through VJC Recordings, Sum cemented a solid presence on college radio nationwide and made the coming of the LP known with a bang. Other songs on the project like "September" (prod. by Belief) or "Contra" (prod. by AmDex of Clan Destined) give listeners a personal depth and genuine heart that most in the hip-hop industry are either too afraid to approach or completely overdo. In the span of eighteen tracks, Sum touches on house, 80s New Wave, club-bangers, blues and funk; with ease. The album is a rallying call to all creative people in the hip-hop culture to let go of their fear to try something new and push forward....the forgotten artists in the family...the lil folk.
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