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Sun Ra & His Mythic Science Arkestra - 'The Paris Tapes: Live At Le Theatre Du Chatelet 1971' [CD]

Sun Ra & His Mythic Science Arkestra

The Paris Tapes: Live At Le Theatre Du Chatelet 1971



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The Art Yard / Kindred Spirits collaboration series contnues with this unreleased and much sought after concert by Sun Ra and His Mythic Science Arkestra in Théâtre Du Châtelet (Paris, 1971). The CD comes as a double pack including unpublished pictures from the concert by Jorg Becker and liner notes by Arkestra member Knoel Scott .

Listening to the opening of Sun Ra 'PARIS TAPES - Live in Paris' 1971 calls to mind a quote from the Musicians Psalm -Psalm 151- "Praise Him with the Cymbals, the High sounding cymbals"...........As all events within the African Diaspora commence with the proclamaton of the Drum this analogy is an excellent example of the use of symbolism; orchestrated by Sun Ra. The praise of the Most High reflecting Sun Ra's ever constant homage to the Creator..........The Oraton of the Drums speaks to the origins of what playwright Amiri Baraka (Leroi Jones) referred to as Great Black Music; Drum Legend Lex Humphries with Danny Thompson on bongos, John Gilmore on Timbales herald the entrance of Sun Ra, on Farfisa organ. The short violent bursts of sound echoing the crack of the whip, the shots through the woods by slave trackers, bounty hunters and terrorists in white robes (sometmes blue uniforms) which savaged the communites of African Americans throughout the 19th and most of the 20th Century; This concert took place just three years after the assassinaton of Dr. Martn Luther King when thought of a Black American President was nonexistent, at the furthest reaches of improbability despite congresswoman Shirley Chisolm's 1972 bid which was considered merely symbolic.

SPACE IS THE PLACE both literal and allegorical: thoughts, ideas, equatons and constructons outside the petty bigotry, cruelty and inhumanity of MAN. "What do you do, when you know, that you know, that you know that your Wrong; You've got to Face the've got to listen to the Cosmo sound. [Sun Ra,1988] Following those shots we, hastly depart.........with Sun Ra at the controls of the Farfiza electric keyboard. The plethora of sounds (reminiscent of Space is the Place; theme of Sun Ra's 1964 movie and music) call for transport out of a world stricken with antebellum apartheid, psycho-social trauma, discriminaton and degradaton into a mythocracy of omni-being...the lift off toward outer space in allegorical departure from 'this bitter earth' onto the planes of cosmic splendor and entry through the Door of the the Omniverse..........a place of vast and endless possibilites.....the vehicle? The Intergalactc JAZZ of Sun Ra and His Arkestra.

Listen.......while you have the chance....find your place...amongst the stars.....get in to an outer world............. rhythm, multplicity of Harmony, equatons of ...............Melody .....................arise and seek.....................Astro Black and Cosmo Dark . The Music of Sun Ra 'Live in Paris' 1971.
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