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Supa Nova Slom - 'The Remedy' [CD]
Supa Nova Slom - 'The Remedy' [CD]
Supa Nova Slom - 'The Remedy' [CD]
Supa Nova Slom - 'The Remedy' [CD]

Supa Nova Slom

The Remedy


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Hailing from Brooklyn, New York and highly endorsed by numerous high tier celebrities, Supa Nova Slom has long set himself apart as a superior lyricist and extraordinary personality. A modern day social icon in the making, Supa Nova is a note worthy activist whose organization Unify the Hood Heal the Hood has mobilized hundreds of gang members, an outspoken wellness advocate for today's youth, a pivotal motivational speaker, and an emerging author. Having recently received heavy mainstream attention as one of the three handpicked artists in Bill Cosby's hip-hop group The Cosnarati, Supa Nova Slom is nowbursting on the scene with his epic debut album "The Remedy", which features Erykah Badu, The Game, and Jadakiss.

No matter what track you pick on "The Remedy" you are guaranteed to feel the intense wrath of Supa Nova Slom, who fully embodies the meaning of his name, an explosive star that shines with the brilliance of a hundred billion suns. The debut masterpiece fuses crunk, hiphop, rock, and soul creating a solid collection of hit singles. Supa Nova's unforgettable delivery is indicative of many of his influences including Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Twista, and Prince to name a few.

Breaking thru all the glass ceilings and segmenting that has been placed on so-called conscious music, Supa Nova cleverly infuses empowering messages and thought provoking lyrics to audiences that mightotherwise not be receptive by packaging them with sex appeal, street understanding, anthem choruses, and enthralling beats that take hold of listeners. According to Supa Nova Slom, "The purpose of The Remedy album is to blend empowering lyrics with mainstream sonics. People want music that is uplifting but they have become so addicted to what they are accustomed to that it is difficult for them to open up to things outside of that box so we have infiltrated the box with The Remedy." The street anthem "G's Up Salute" features heavyweights The Game and Jadakiss urging G's and street warriors to unite for the betterment of their community. Meanwhile the Prince inspired soulgasmic R&B hit "Midnite" provides a lover's groove reminiscent of the 80's that personally invites ladies into the midnite hour. Its accompanying video has caused quite a controversy online spurring a buzz with its hot and heavy sensual visuals.

For more of a pop sound Supa Nova offers "Take You There" with electro dance vibes and a catchy melodic hook. As a special hip-hop soul treat listeners are invited to experience the cosmic galactic energy of Supa Nova and Erykah Badu on "Steady" and in true hip-hop story teller tradition, the autobiographical track "Chlorophyll and Crack" exposes the depths of Supa Nova's life, struggles, and inner battles. Also for the ladies is the title track "The Remedy", a sexy sultry song whose lyrics entice women to seduce themselves with self care concluding with an unforgettable outro that will have women listening to it over and over. Commonly known as the Hip Hop Medicine Man, Supa Nova Slom delivers wellness messages in "So Sick" over head banging beats that will irresistibly have listeners chanting "So Sick, So Sick ofbeing sick and tired!" Topping everything of there is plenty of bounce sound to chose from including "Energy", "Touch", and "Hands Out of My Pocket" which will have everyone snapping.In addition to his musical artistry, Supa Nova is currently gearing up for his authorial debut in the Spring of 2010 on Grand Central Publishing. His upcoming book, also titled The Remedy, features testimonies by Tyson Beckford, Melyssa Ford, and Hype Williams on detoxing, combating fat, and achieving overallhealth. He is also completing his second documentary "Wholistic Wellness for the Hip-Hop Generation Part II" and continuing his community efforts with his organization Unify the Hood Heal the Hood.
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