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<!--020061121008380-->Surreal & The Sound Providers - 'True Indeed' [CD]
<!--020061121008380-->Surreal & The Sound Providers - 'True Indeed' [CD]
<!--020061121008380-->Surreal & The Sound Providers - 'True Indeed' [CD]
<!--020061121008380-->Surreal & The Sound Providers - 'True Indeed' [CD]

Surreal & The Sound Providers

True Indeed



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The critically acclaimed production duo known as the Sound Providers, are back again this time, with a new secret weapon: up and coming Floridabased emcee Surreal. Jay Skills and Soulo, the two-man hip-hop production team have been blessing eardrums since their first release, Dope Transmission b/w The Field, in 1998. Their "backto- basics" format of flavorful beats, scratched choruses, and hype rhymes, garner the Sound Providers a/k/a SP's an enthusiastic following which continue to grow with each release. In 2001, when faced with the departure of lead emcee, Profile, the SP's moved forward and collaborated with some of their favorite emcees such as Asheru (of Unspoken Heard) and Little Brother to name a few. Recently they've teamed up with Tampa Bay emcee Surreal.This longtime hip-hop fanatic has been steadily making moves, paying dues and retiring scores of emcee within a 500 mile radius of his lab in Tampa Bay. A true emcee in every sense of the word, he has the ability to switch from braggadocios battle emcee to soulful and introspective artist with an innate flow that only comes from a gifted and natural performer. Recognizing this raw talent, the SPs quickly teamed up with him and the result is True Indeed, a new album crafted by two of the best producers in the game today. But don't take our word for it...see for yourself!
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