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Swamp Thing & Peter Project - 'Planet Murk' [CD]
Swamp Thing & Peter Project - 'Planet Murk' [CD]
Swamp Thing & Peter Project - 'Planet Murk' [CD]
Swamp Thing & Peter Project - 'Planet Murk' [CD]

Swamp Thing & Peter Project

Planet Murk



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Toronto's three-headed monster, Swamp Thing, is back with an incredible new album, Planet Murk. For the first time in their five-year history, Timbuktu, Chokeules, and Savilion have outsourced the production (which is usually handled by Savilion or Timbuktu) to super producer Peter Project, and his army of 808s, 303s, MPC 60s, and SP-12s. The result is a Swamp Thing album unlike any other.

Fresh off the success of 2014's Outer Limits, a dark ode to space-age boom bap, Swamp Thing returns with a more upbeat version of their usual b-movie and sci-fi inspired hip hop. Peter Project's production ranges from low-fi bangers to futuristic fire, and his personality shines through, influencing Swamp Thing's songwriting style and delivery. Planet Murk is possibly their best effort to date- which is saying a lot for those familiar with the catalog.

Swamp Thing has performed with notable acts such as GZA (of Wu-Tang Clan), El Da Sensei (of Artifacts), Urbnet labelmates like D-Sisive and Wordburglar, and the new album features guest appearances from fellow Backburner Crew members Ghettosocks and More Or Les. They've also toured extensively across North America, playing major festivals from SXSW to CMW.

"Planet Murk? It's equal parts Gravediggaz and Beastie Boys, Wes Craven and Tim Burton. It's as swampy as ever, but on this one we're having even more fun."
- Chokeules

"We're going hambolini like Gandolfini!"
- Savilion
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