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Rhythm Roulette


Philadelphia-bred, Los Angeles-based producer Swarvy has been releasing beat projects on indie labels for a minute. Earlier this month, he released his latest instrumental project, 'Bop', through Paxico Records, and today he makes his Rhythm Roulette debut, braving the blindfold and the bins to hit Gimmie Records in Los Angeles and select three records at random.

In this installment, Swarvy pulls the compilation project, Eccentric 'Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg', something by The Sylvers, and MartianGangs Got Skills Galore featuring Insight and Dagha. Back in the lab, Swarvy locks in on all three samples, adding layers of guitars, drums, bass, and more to build a full sound. Theres also a guest cameo by Pink Siifu, who adds some vocals to one of his joints. Pretty dope.
  • Aug 18, 2017
  • 4:53
  • Live Performances