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<!--120130319053386-->Swollen Members - 'Beautiful Death Machine' [CD]
<!--120130319053386-->Swollen Members - 'Beautiful Death Machine' [CD]
<!--120130319053386-->Swollen Members - 'Beautiful Death Machine' [CD]
<!--120130319053386-->Swollen Members - 'Beautiful Death Machine' [CD]

Swollen Members

Beautiful Death Machine




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"Beautiful Death Machine" is the follow-up to their critically acclaimed "Dagger Mouth" album, and is scheduled for release in March 19th via Suburban Noize/Battle Axe Records. When we created 'Dagger Mouth' we tapped back into the same creative energy that helped us create some of the classic albums in our discography," says Prevail. "Now that same creative energy is overflowing into 'Beautiful Death Machine' and has allowed us to raise the bar yet again."

To create their latest opus, "Beautiful Death Machine", Swollen Members regrouped with a revitalized energy and a vision to record an album that strengthens the group's musical legacy. Armed with their signature brand of dark, sinister, spellbinding hip-hop, Swollen Members emerged with an album that is aggressive, confident and commands listeners attention with its in-your-face attitude. On "Beautiful Death Machine", Madchild and Prevail have returned to the expressive, emotional, poetic and clever lyrical style that has earned them legions of fans, while Rob The Viking provides a dark backdrop of sick macabre beats.
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