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Tame One - 'O.G. Bobby Johnson' [CD]

Tame One

O.G. Bobby Johnson


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The artist often referred to as the "Nottyheaded Terror," returns with the follow up to his critically acclaimed 2003 solo debut When Rappers Attack. Choosing to title his second solo LP O.G. Bobby Johnson, after a character in the movie South Central, Tame One enlists a string of the hottest talents associated with his label, Eastern Conference Records, including production by DJ Mighty Mi, Camu Tao, and Dialekt, along with guest appearances from Yak Balls, Camu Tao, and Metro of S.A. Smash. While O.G. Bobby Johnson is only Tame's second solo LP, this New Jeruz native has been on the grind since the early 90's when he debuted alongside El Da Sensei as the Artifacts, creating the landmark underground album Between A Rock And A Hard Place. While the Artifacts went on to record another album before disbanding in the late 90's due to label disputes and creative differences, Tame One continued to collaborate with a variety of artists ranging from the Outlawz' Fatal, Gravediggaz members Bukue and Omen, Govna Mattic, the Eastern Conference All-Stars, and the Weathermen. Tame One also completed another solo album along the way, but in an unfortunate twist of fate, the master tapes disappeared before the album ever saw the light of day. Tame's last major project was his highly praised collabo with Cage as the Leak Bros., on the hard-core pharmaceutical-centered Waterworld album. O.G. Bobby Johnson is sure to keep fans of underground hip-hop bobbing their headz to Tame One's back-to-basics approach to braggadocios battle raps and insightful criticism on all aspects of hip-hop and graffiti culture.
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