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Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet - 'The Middle Picture' [CD]

Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet

The Middle Picture


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The Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet's debut release, "The Middle Picture", documents both live and studio performances recorded at The Rotunda in Philadelphia and New Haven's Firehouse 12 over the past two years. Taylor Ho Bynum is featured on Anthony Braxton's 9 CD Firehouse 12 release. "There is much in between the pressing issues of the world and the mundane toils of the everyday," writes Bynum in the liner notes. "I call it the middle picture: the pursuit of one's life goals, the search for one's true calling, the cultivation of one's personal relationships. While acknowledging the larger and smaller realities of the world, I try to focus on the middle picture, and hope that some of that positive energy and inspiration can influence the pictures on either side. The music on this album grows out of that middle picture, and is dedicated to that hope."
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