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Interview 2017 "Looking Back" Part 3: DAD


Termanology (of ST Da Squad) - Interview Part 3 (Cambridge, MA - 1/7/2017)

In this 3rd and final segment of the "Looking Back" series, Van Stylez delves into the real life stories behind some of the more introspective lyrics off Termanology's newest album "More Politics". Term once again speaking from his soul, this time about forgiving his father for the physical abuse he inflicted on him as a child. In an inspiring turn of events, Term describes how he and his father managed to mend that once painful relationship in adulthood. A father to two daughters himself, Term goes on to discuss his own challenges in fatherhood, specifically in custody battles where he found himself at the mercy of an unjust court system. And finally how all of these difficult experiences inspired him to create The Good Dad Gang.
  • Feb 16, 2017
  • 5:25
  • Interviews
  • ST. Da Squad
  • Van Stylez