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Interview Pt. 2 (At The Retail Store - 10/1/08)


Part 2 of 2: In part 2 Termanology gets personal, talking about growing up during the 80s crack era in the heavily Hispanic neighborhoods of Lawrence and Haverhill, Massachusetts. He talks about selling drugs, using his father's business as a chop shop, along with his eventual decision to forgo the street-life to pursue rap full-time. Term's rise to the top hasn't happened overnight. His resume includes a series of "Hood Politics" mixtapes and an intense hustle where he's commuted back and forth between NYC and Boston to perform nearly 800 shows for free. Van Stylez inquires as to whether he's ever contemplated quitting, to which Term responds that, "like 50 said 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin,' I was gonna be a rap legend or die tryin." The interview wraps-up with Term talking about a concept album dubbed "2 of Americas Most Wanted," which he created with rapper Ghetto from their crew ST Da Squad. In an interesting turn of fate, the gap between rap and reality was bridged when the concept behind the album became real life with Termanology blowing-up as a rapper at the same time his cohort Ghetto is incarcerated for gun possession. While Ghetto waits-out the remainder of his term behind bars, Termanology is out recruiting some of rap's finest to put the finishing touches on the album version of a saga, which continues for both rappers in real life.
  • Apr 13, 2009
  • 05:34
  • Interviews
  • ST. Da Squad
  • Van Stylez