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Thaione Davis - 'Situation Renaissance' [CD]

Thaione Davis

Situation Renaissance


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Album Background:
Chicago native follows up debut "Progress" (Hong Kong Recordings) with another groovy record. Noted as one of Chitown's top emcee/producer's his soulful, no holds barred style is incomparable. F/ vocals from Iomos Marad (All Natural) & Cosmo Galactus (Linebackers), guest production from Overflo & Kenny Keys, & scratches by DJ Spontaneous (Vinyl Addicts).

Thaione Background:
Chicago has always taken its music seriously. In terms of pure popularity, thecity's historic blues and jazz scene has defered to today's independent rock andhip-hop crowds, but an inherited, honest soul continues to govern Chicago's aural output. Be it Midwestern mentality, conscious ties to the past, second-city-smugness, or a combination of all three, Chicago has never had the Crunk or the Bling, and is just fine with that. MC/Producer Thaione Davis (pronounced tie-wan) is in some ways a product of his South-Side Chicago environment. Thaione's deep understanding of hip-hop music is rooted in years of first-hand experience, late nights in the studio, andfervent crate digging. Thaione's understanding of and passion for music are thedual drivers of his work.

In 2002, Thaione's independently acclaimed "Progress" (Hong Kong Recordings) showcased a focused blend of conscious, Blue-Note-meets-B-Boy hip-hop. Birthwrite Records is proud to present Thaione's largely self-produced EP "Situation Renaissance." As the next big step in Thaione's career, "Situation Renaissance" is an expansive demonstration of Thaione's organic hip-hop, jazz,funk, and global roots. Honesty is one of Chicago's highest musical offerings. True to this city-bred virtue, Thaione considers his past and future seriously in "Progress" and the upcoming "Situation Renaissance." Thaione's brand of hip-hop is a perfect snapshot of a city standing still while in constant motion.
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