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<!--020060718007744-->That Handsome Devil - 'That Handsome Devil' [CD]

That Handsome Devil

That Handsome Devil



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Following the self-help single "Dating Tips" which has since been rumored as the genus of the Neil Strauss book "The Game", That Handsome Devil releases their debut self-titled EP. Arriving with an amazing arsenal of explosive riffs, guitars, keys and horns sweetened by the astounding production of Jeremy Page, front man Godforbid creates imagery that takes the listener from lumbering dreamscapes to howling anthems of cock-walking future pop. Chock-full of edgy lyrics delivered with a bar room swagger and raspy gruffness that forces you to trust their depth, charisma and balls, That Handsome Devil comes off like Tom Waits-meets-Ol Dirty Bastard. Forget Gnarls Barkley, thanks to the That Handsome Devil, the art of post-rap song-writing is here to serve you all, kick plenty of ass and take no prisoners.
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