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The Brand New Heavies - 'Remixes' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]

The Brand New Heavies


Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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Giving the people what they want, got to give them what they need, Delicious Vinyl is dropping double wax remixes from the Brand New Heavies album "Get Used To It". Heavy fans will rejoice at the multitude of mixes available on this new double 12" single, all totaled, there's 12 different versions. Starting with dance floor king Kenny Dope's remix of the up tempo groove "Let's Do It Again" on Side-A, the mixes kick off and keep going. Jan Kincaid comes correct on Side-B with a wicked UK electronic/funked out version of the same joint that's gonna definitely keep your dome ringing. The clubs get an extra bonus with a Tom Moulton mix of "All Fired Up". We go from the club mixes to the funk mixes as Side-C jumps off with an extended Tom Moulton mix of "We've Got". Starting with a live clap track and piercing Simon Bartholomew guitar licks, this track locks it in the funk pocket Heavy style and doesn't stop. Moulton seems to be channeling the Meters on his instrumental mix of "Right On". All in all, Side-C is a tribute to the funk the Heavies can bring and the brilliance of legendary mixologist Tom Moulton. Rounding out this release is a dub version of the album's title track "Get Used To It" as well as two Bass over Babylon remixes from dub masters Neil Case and Wayne Jobson. The Brand New Heavies, continuing to do it well after all these years...
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