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<!--120130205053129-->The Como Mamas - 'Get An Understanding' [CD]
<!--120130205053129-->The Como Mamas - 'Get An Understanding' [CD]
<!--120130205053129-->The Como Mamas - 'Get An Understanding' [CD]
<!--120130205053129-->The Como Mamas - 'Get An Understanding' [CD]

The Como Mamas

Get An Understanding




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In 2005, Michael Reilly embarked on a journey down south with the intention to film a documentary about local musicians. Through a series of unexpected yet fortunate events Reilly was led to Como Mississippi, and ultimately to the table of Angela Taylor - where she, her sister Della Daniels, and long time friend Ester Mae Smith performed an a cappella rendition of "Peace of Mind". It was this moment that inspired Michael to return to Como with proper recording equipment, and much like what Alan Lomax had done decades before, document some of the most honest, soulful music to ever be tracked to tape. The first volume of recordings, 2008's Como Now featured the Como Mamas, as well as several other local groups delivering heart stopping a cappella renditions of songs they cherished. And though the Como Mama's remained skeptical that anyone would want to hear them singing an entire record of acappella gospel, we at Daptone Records are proud to present Get an Understanding, 13 songs of unadulterated gospel greatness.

There are only three instruments on this recording: The powerful, raspy voice of Ester Mae Smith, the deep soothing voice of Angela Taylor, and the energetic, spirited vocals of Della Daniels. There are no other musicians on this recording, yet the harmonies the Como Mamas create are so powerful, musical accompaniment is not missed. Recorded on a sweltering morning in the humble wood structure that is Mt. Mariah church, this record is sure to mirror that heat throughout your body and soul. Don't be fooled by the term Gospel for this record will move ever yone from the pious Pastor to the staunchest atheist. The Como Mamas believe whole-heartedly that these songs have the power to help and inspire people in their everyday lives. As Della put it "We just want folks to listen and get an understanding." Well, all of us at Daptone Records couldn't agree more.
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