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<!--120121030048905-->The Coup - 'Sorry To Bother You' [CD]
<!--120121030048905-->The Coup - 'Sorry To Bother You' [CD]
<!--120121030048905-->The Coup - 'Sorry To Bother You' [CD]
<!--120121030048905-->The Coup - 'Sorry To Bother You' [CD]

The Coup

Sorry To Bother You




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Revolutionary musical collective The Coup will release their new album Sorry To Bother You this October 30th via ANTIRecords. The Coup consists of vocalist-writer and activist Boots Riley accompanied by a versatile cadre of musicians, with guests including Anti-Flag, Das Racist, Killer Mike, Vernon Reid, Jolie Holland, and Joe Henry. With this eclectic guest list, The Coup have created an album that merges danceable beats, punk urgency and the astute social commentary of hip-hop to craft a refreshingly unique sound that draws from the past but never sounds anything but futuristic. "I think our albums are always really different than what else is being put out there at the time," Riley says. "It's why I think people can listen to the records and not know when they were made, and it's why our audience is constantly evolving." Called one of their "10 most influential people" by Vibe Magazine, Riley has also collaborated with Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), New Orleans band Galactic, Atari Teenage Riot and others. He is currently a prominent figure in the Occupy Movement, participating in actions and speaking on racism, capitalism, and grassroots organizing throughout the world.
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