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The Dirty Truckers - 'Loose In The Joints' [CD]

The Dirty Truckers

Loose In The Joints


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The Dirty Truckers got together back in 1999 when song writer Tom Baker chose to pursue a decidedly American rock n' roots direction. Drawing on kick-ass influences such as Cheap Trick, Steve Earle, and The Replacements, the Dirty Truckers rock hard and have a good time doing it. They have just released their third installation of quality Americana for your listening pleasure.

The line-up includes guitarist John Brookhouse, bassist Jamie Griffith and drummer Johnny Rock Lynch -- the Truckers are fixtures on the Boston rock landscape and proud of it. The latest cd, Loose in the Joints was recorded in a ragged, leave-the-mistakes-in, kind of way - just like any good bar band would do it. Landing somewhere between the Lucero and the Faces, Loose is a cross-cutting mix of straight up rockers and soul searching ballads. This is the next chapter in the band's cross-country rock odyssey, proving that The Dirty Truckers are still true originals.

Loose in the Joints was recorded with Mike Quinn at Moontower Studios and mixed and produced by local legend David Minehan at Woolly Mammoth Sound.
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