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The Echocentrics - 'Don Alejo (Remix)/ Dudar (Remix)/ Pioneira' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]

The Echocentrics

Don Alejo (Remix)/ Dudar (Remix)/ Pioneira

Black Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record

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Product Details
Hard-hitting and prolific producer Grant Phabao flips up Don Alejo and Dudar with a serious roots reggae treatment on this new single by The Echocentrics. Also included is an all-new original track featuring Tita Lima with two additional remixes by Max Tannone and McPullish available as an exclusive on the digital version.

After dropping their debut album Sunshadows and their tribute to Timbaland The Echoland EP which both garnered critical acclaim, The Echocentrics enlists the help of Grant Phabao to add some "skank" by filtering the southern-fried, psychedelic funk of the originals through Jamaica. The results are dance-hall worthy versions that are sure to keep the crowd moving. To call Grant Phabao a "prolific" producer would be an understatement with original tracks and remixes for the likes of Alice Russell, Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston, Brownout, Nostalgia 77, and George Clinton to name a few.

The B-side on the 12" is Pioneira, a brand new original track featuring Brazilian chanteuse Tita Lima and is a return to the "classic" Echocentrics sound. As an exclusive to the digital version of this release Max Tannone and McPullish take turns remixing "It's Not Too Late". Famous for his Jay-Z and Radiohead mashup "Jaydiohead" and more recently Ghostfunk, where he remixes Ghostface Killer tracks with vintage African Funk, Highlife and Rock music, Max Tannone's remix veers into heavy electronic bass territory with Natalia Clavier's vocals keeping the delicate balance between aggression and beauty. McPullish's remix crosses into bass-heavy territory as well but with a more understated, blissfully-dubbed out sound.
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