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The Egyptian Lover & Hotthobo - 'Modern Funk Fest LA 2016' [Cassette Tape]

The Egyptian Lover & Hotthobo

Modern Funk Fest LA 2016

Cassette Tape

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Product Details
Modern Funk Fest was started in 2014 by one of the genre's brightest stars, Brian Ellis, in his native San Diego. It then moved northward to LA, then to SF, back down to SD, and now is on the heels of its fifth installment in Los Angeles at the Echo on May 13th, 2016. Here, we bring you an exclusive limited edition mixtape featuring the legendary Egyptian Lover (Egyptian Empire/Stones Throw) and Hotthobo (Voltaire Records/Hobo Camp).

Egypt's Mix includes classic music from Egypt himself, Midnight Star, Kraftwerk, Prince, and many more, as well as original Vocoder and Vocal Performances and a Synth Solo from XL Middleton. Hotthobo's Mix features brand spanking new and mostly unreleased modern funk jams (including the two tracks from Brian Ellis and XL Middleton created for the MFF 7", also for sale separately), showcasing what is to come.

Can't make it to the show? Funk with us by getting a copy of this limited edition mix cassette! Your purchase goes straight towards handling the costs associated with putting on the event. Tape is limited to 200 units, so get your copy today!
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