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<!--120081125000839-->The Final Solution - 'Brotherman (Original Soundtrack)' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
<!--120081125000839-->The Final Solution - 'Brotherman (Original Soundtrack)' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
<!--120081125000839-->The Final Solution - 'Brotherman (Original Soundtrack)' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
<!--120081125000839-->The Final Solution - 'Brotherman (Original Soundtrack)' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

The Final Solution

Brotherman (Original Soundtrack)

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record



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He was a pusher that became a preacher. A gangster pimp serving soup from the trunk of his Coup Deville. A mutant cross between Robin Hood and Friar Tuck. Everyman, our man on the street, Brotherman. Continuing a tradition that began with Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, and culminated with Shaft and Superfly, Brotherman was a blaxploitation film set to hit screens in 1975. Prior to the script being finished, the producers commissioned an original soundtrack to be performed by The Final Solution, a fledgling vocal group from Chicago's west side. The ten-song album draws deeply from Curtis Mayfield's well, certainly, but the proof in the pudding is Carl Wolfolk's unique guitar style - a combination of flamenco and funk - that stabs around the four part harmonies.

In classic Numero fashion, before even one foot of film was shot, the plug was pulled and the movie was cancelled. Dragged around for 30 years by songwriter and arranger Wolfolk, the tapes of his life's work have finally been mixed, and the soundtrack album has been augmented to include two orchestrated instrumentals intended for the film. Having no stills from the film to work with, the Numero Group tasked Minneapolis' Burlesque of North America to paint a cover that could withstand the scrutiny of any blaxploitation poster geek. The deluxe single disc set is housed in our standard slipcase, with a plush booklet detailing the known history of the film and the group that created the music.
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