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The Grouch - 'Three Eyes Off The Time' [CD]
The Grouch - 'Three Eyes Off The Time' [CD]
The Grouch - 'Three Eyes Off The Time' [CD]
The Grouch - 'Three Eyes Off The Time' [CD]

The Grouch

Three Eyes Off The Time


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In today's maniacally fast paced and highly interconnected digital world filled with 140 character updates, constant availability, and staggering voyeurism it is easy to become overwhelmed. However, this winter, The Grouch is taking his eyes off the rat race and urges his listeners to join him as he unplugs and reconnects himself to the physical and spiritual worlds. Enlisting his tour DJ, DJ Fresh to handle production, The Grouch invites you to partake in his latest project, "Three Eyes Off The Time ".

The Grouch offers, "What I'm trying to say with the title is that, I'm well aware of what's going on in the world around me but I will no longer participate in the foolishness that has become the norm. I think it's time people get in tune with how powerful we really are."

The project is a testament of The Grouch's longstanding career and touches on topics ranging from fatherhood, the impacts of the digital world on our society, as well as manifesting and living out ones dreams. DJ Fresh provides a head nodding, yet laid back sonic backdrop for The Grouch to cleverly inscribe his thoughts into. Steering away from the blips and beeps of the ever-encroaching world of electro-hop, The Grouch and DJ Fresh arrive with a project that is filled with pure unadulterated Hip Hop.
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