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The Heavy - 'In The Morning/ You Don't Know' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]

The Heavy

In The Morning/ You Don't Know

Black Vinyl Import

7" Vinyl Single Record

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The Heavy are back. Having rocked and shocked the nation with their debut single, "That Kind Of Man" (Jo Whiley, Zane Lowe, Mark Lamaar and Colin Murray all blessed them by hitting PLAY), the durrty durrty five-piece decided to exorcise their riff mojo across another ten minutes or so of voodoo-soul. Let's kick off with AA side, "You Don't Know" - a giant Hendrix-White Stripes mash up, it's about the messiest you can get without paying ladies and gentlemen of disrepute to cover you in humous. Vocalist Swaby rides it all like Howling Wolf in a too-tight ballbag. Grrraaah! As surely as day follows night, A follows AA. "In The Morning" continues (or begins?) the rockumental feel of the single over a driving rhythm, crazed guitar riffage and some of the finest backing vox woo-hoo-hoos you'll hear all year. The AAA side (for want of a better description) takes us back a little closer to Swaby's roots in hip hop and soul with a touch of country, his voice floating over acoustic guitar and breakbeat to devastating effect. It's called "Our Special Place". Need we say more..? The core of The Heavy are Swaby and Taylor. Swaby's parents were one of the first West Indian families to move to Bath. One of eleven siblings, he grew up surrounded by reggae, Prince and Two Tone as well as the hip hop he embraced so fervently. When he met Taylor they bonded over vintage rhythm and blues and the movies of Jim Jarmusch. Now they just bond over making the most satanic sex-rock-hip-hop to come out of the Wild West since Billy the Kid caught a bullet. Beliedahahaha....
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