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The Prince - 'The Sensuous Black Man' [CD]

The Prince

The Sensuous Black Man



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In the early 1970's, Rudy Ray Moore was pushing out 'raw' comedy albums just as quick as the public would buy them. Thanks to the sexual revolution started in the 1960's, the public was becoming less ashamed and more interested in their own sexuality. Masters and Johnson had concluded extensive research into the sexuality field and delivered groundbreaking books on the subject. If those seemed heavy handed for the average person, 1969's 'The Sensuous Woman' (written by 'J') and 1971's 'The Sensuous Man' (written by 'M') were more palatable for readers and became massive paperback sellers. A companion album to 'The Sensuous Woman' was also released as 'J' described how and what turns her on.

Then along comes 'The Prince' (aka Rudy Ray Moore) who pulls no punches and wants to tell the Brothers out there just where it's at. 'The Prince' throws aside the 'high class and falootin' gynecological terms and tells it like it is. The first half of the album features Moore describing and instructing various sexual techniques and practices in such great detail the devil would blush! For its second half, Moore answers questions from his 'audience' and cracks some nasty jokes.

I dare you to try to master all the techniques on this album and remember to "shake your ass and stroke!"
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