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The Q4 - 'Sound Surroundings' [CD]
The Q4 - 'Sound Surroundings' [CD]
The Q4 - 'Sound Surroundings' [CD]
The Q4 - 'Sound Surroundings' [CD]

The Q4

Sound Surroundings



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Out of the Netherlands now comes forth a new generation of Dutch Masters: The Q4 - The QuadraphoniQuartet (Arts The Beatdoctor, Sense & STW). Three individual names, with individual styles, combine forces and together reach a new plateau in sample composition.

Hundreds of obscure records where chopped to their bare essentials to collectively create this multi-dimensional sound trip: Sound Surroundings offers a new look on a retro sound system: Quadraphonic music. Although this time around, it's not 4 speakers, but 3 musicians and 1 listener creating the square of sound.

Features: Curra Suarez, Pax, Terryman, Unorthadox & BLS. Artwork & original paintings by Gordon & letterings by the Binh.
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