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The Root Source - 'The Root Source' [CD]

The Root Source

The Root Source



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The London-based band has been together for five years, Beyond The Haze being its debut release. The album's title track is a flying jazz, funk, samba epic - was first featured on Snowboy's Hi-Hat The True Jazz Dance Sessions, and became a regular floor-filler on the jazz dance scene.

The Root Source's sound encompasses influences and genres such as deep jazz, funk, soul, samba, early fusion, but at the same time defies neat pigeon-holing. Beyond The Haze goes from four minute raw funk scorchers to 14 minute journeying epics, striking the fine balance between head, heart and feet music. With Hammond organ, Rhodes, clavinet, flute, sax, guitar, percussion, drums, double and electric bass and conch shells, The Root Source serves up wholesome musical voyages of original character, vitality and sincerity.

Alongside Snowboy, Gilles Peterson is also a champion of the band. Each band member regularly plays the London jazz, soul and funk circuit, and the band as a whole has performed at prestigious festivals such as Isle of Wight Jazz, Italy's Umbria Jazz, and Cheltenham Jazz.
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