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The Sweet Vandals - 'Lovelite' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
The Sweet Vandals - 'Lovelite' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
The Sweet Vandals - 'Lovelite' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
The Sweet Vandals - 'Lovelite' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

The Sweet Vandals


Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record

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When the spanish soul/funk band The Sweet Vandals started their mission a decade ago nobody could possibly imagine that a soul connection between Madrid and Düsseldorf would emerge.

The second album of the Sweet Vandals, who have naturally grown out of a mixture of classic Soul, Raw Funk and authentic groove, emphasizes and reflects the changes that the Soul and Funk genre underwent in that decade in Germany an Spain.

The Sweet Vandals would not be the Sweet Vandals without Mayka Edjole, a pure bundle of energy and the voice, heart and soul of the band. But without Santiago Vallejo alias "Diamond" who brings us the raw and dauntless sound of the monster-funk-instrument known as the Hammond organ, the funky bass of Santi "Sweetfingers" Martin, drum dominator Javier "Skunk" Gomez and guitar veteran José "Angel" Herranz the Vandals would be missing the Sweet. All members together form a perfect symbiosis that creates that spiritual deep funk (Mayka's Gospel experience definitely adds to it) that is typical for the Sweet Vandals. They will decisively play a big role in the future of the genre.

The secret of the Sweet Vandals' typical sound lies in the analogue recording technique. This technique creates the pure, warm, honest, soulful sound with a rough and gnarly touch. All members of the Vandals employ authentic instruments and microphones of the different Soul eras which are recorded and mixed on analogue equipment. That gives their sound and music a consistent and unique signature that can be found throughout the album. Furthermore their album has been mixed at their own "Funkameba Studios- Analog Heaven".

During the last couple of years the groovy funk formation, that always deploys a straightforward, authentic and down-to-earth interaction with their audience, had been restless with performances in Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerland and Germany. "Dirty Club Sound" is what the Vandals call their unique, surpassing sound.

Especially the DJ scene loves and appreciates the spanish band because their music just fills the dancefloors in no time. With their natural, friendly and hardworking attitude and character the Sweet Vandals have become an insider tip for Soul brothers and sisters around the globe. Not for nothing have the Vandals played in Mexiko and Africa. "We try to find our own sound" said Javier "Skunk" Gomez years ago, not knowing they would hit exactly that spot with their self-titled debut album two years ago.

In 2006 the Sweet Vandals performed at the "Lovelite" club in Berlin where they met Henry Storch - founder of Düsseldorf's legendary Soul, Funk and Groove label Unique Records. The idea for the first record published on Unique records was born. Many of the Vandals' songs could be found on countless compilations before finally in 2007 their debut album "The Sweet Vandals" was to be published by Unique Records. That album caused a furor being one of the roughest, most honest and deepest albums the funk and soul scene has had the pleasure to be part of. A milestone.

Moreover the gig at the "Lovelite" was such a great success that it inspired the band to name their new record after the location - "Lovelite" - an homage to the legendary Vandals' gig in Berlin.

"Lovelite" is a warm, rough but nevertheless determined piece of music full of energy funk and deep black soul surrounded by a touch of groove. Songs like "Funky Children" or " What about Love" seem to reflect the magic of Dusty Springfield in Mayka's voice. Songs like "Againstupidity" evoke the spirit of Soul -and Funk- godfather James Brown. "Every Woman Is A Diva" highlights the band's uniqueness and their charming ability of self-irony. Another especially tasty piece of music is "I Hate To Hate You", structured like a classic Sixties-Motown-Song but decorated with a certain roughness that is typical to the Vandals' sound - raw funk sound.

"Lovelite" is an eleven-song-trip through the basic foundations of Soul and Funk. A pure record to commemorate the good old analogue world - a powerful Funk-medium that will help keep the black music connection of Spain and Germany prolific as hell.

"I have a damn good time and enjoy my work with the Sweet Vandals "Santiago 'Diamond' Vallejo" confesses. Mayka supports this saying: "We love what we do". To be honest - you can hear and feel that love in every part of their soulful music, in every breath they take on their new record "Lovelite".
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