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The Wascals - 'Greatest Hits' [CD [2CD]]
The Wascals - 'Greatest Hits' [CD [2CD]]
The Wascals - 'Greatest Hits' [CD [2CD]]
The Wascals - 'Greatest Hits' [CD [2CD]]

The Wascals

Greatest Hits


CD [2CD]

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Finally!!! The previously-unreleased, formerly-shelved, certainly never-heard, super-dope full length masterpiece from The Wascals will finally be released on June 19th. With all tracks being produced by J-Swift, the man responsible for the Hip Hop classic, "Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde", you know this is gonna be solid. On top of that, Mr. Delicious Vinyl, Michael "the genie granting all our wishes" Ross, is the Executive Producer of this doubled sided, enhanced CD called "Greatest Hits". The collection includes the original album, ten instrumentals, four bonus tracks and two extremely rare videos for "Class Clown" and "The Dips". All of which was done in 1994, back when Rap actually meant something.
Now for some background: Back in 1993, J-Swift set up the Wascal Castle studio almost immediately after finishing "Bizarre Ride...", to work with his 'baby' Pharcyde group, The Wascals. Bucwheed, Spit Anky, Alfalfa and St. Imey had been warming up on the sidelines, while Imani, Booty Brown, Fatlip and Slim Kid Tre were circling the globe. They jumped into the game by dropping their first 12" called "The Dips" in mid 1994, and followed that single up with "Class Clown" backed with "Hard Rhymes". The Wascals were poised to become a sensation until the group mysteriously imploded and the album got shelved.
Jump ahead to the present, J-Swift and Michael Ross went into the Delicious Vinyl vaults to dust off this never before heard classic. The album is jam packed with goodies and every track showcases J-Swift and the Wascals at the height of their powers, as the psychedelic jazz beats blend seamlessly with crazy voiced lyrical shenanigans. It also features guest vocals on one track, and a remix of another, by Fatlip of The Pharcyde. This is not an album to ignore.
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