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The Wild Magnolias - 'The Wild Magnolias' [CD]
The Wild Magnolias - 'The Wild Magnolias' [CD]
The Wild Magnolias - 'The Wild Magnolias' [CD]
The Wild Magnolias - 'The Wild Magnolias' [CD]

The Wild Magnolias

The Wild Magnolias



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  • May 24, 2011
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
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  • Get On Down
New Orleans is synonymous with music and Mardi Gras. The Wild Magnolias have both fronts covered. The roots of the Wild Magnolias go back to, at least, the 1950s as one of New Orleans most popular and colorful Indian "Krewes". The Krewes fall under the guidance of a Chief, and Bo Dollis has been the Chief of the Wild Magnolias since the mid-60s. With a voice reminiscent of Sam Cooke and the flamboyance you'd expect at any given Mardi Gras, Bo and the Wild Magnolias rose to great heights in the 70s in a reign that continues to this day. The Wild Magnolias run as a recording act started in 1970 with the "Handa Wanda" 45 for the Crescent City imprint. In addition to a traditional Mardi Gras percussion lineup featuring everything from drums to beer bottles, Bo and the Wild Magnolias pulled in some prominent local talent as backup including Willie Tee and Snooks Eaglin. The cut became a Mardi Gras staple and lead to the French imprint Barclays (with distribution via Polygram) to sign the Krewe for this, the finest recording in the Wild Magnolias long and storied career. The album took Bo Dollis and the Wild Magnolias from a New Orleans phenomena to a global force with the lead single "Smoke My Peace Pipe (Smoke it Right)" appearing on the Billboard charts. The Magnolias have even had a lasting effect on the world of hip hop with "Corey Died On The Battlefield" and "(Somebody Got) Soul, Soul, Soul" being sampled by artists such as Schoolly D, 3rd Bass, Geto Boys and the Jungle Brothers. With this reissue culled from the original master Get On Down turns every Tuesday into Fat Tuesday.
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