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<!--020110501000694-->JR - 'The Wrinkles Of The City: Shanghai' [Book]
<!--020110501000694-->JR - 'The Wrinkles Of The City: Shanghai' [Book]
<!--020110501000694-->JR - 'The Wrinkles Of The City: Shanghai' [Book]
<!--020110501000694-->JR - 'The Wrinkles Of The City: Shanghai' [Book]


The Wrinkles Of The City: Shanghai


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  • May 01, 2011
  • 144
  • 11" X 11"
  • 9788888493718
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  • Drago Arts & Communication
  • JR
The Wrinkles of the City is a world scale project. JR starts by doing portraits of elderly people who represent the memory of the city he picks for its interesting past. He then interviews each subject, as they are the witnesses to the changes their city has gone through. The book documents the French artists' work in 2010 photographing Shanghai's elderly inhabitants, plastering their portraits on the city streets and buildings, and finally, recounting their personal memories and views on society. Essentially, the book offers a glimpse of the city's history over the last century, notable especially due to the significant changes it has experienced, from wars and revolutions to economic development and modernization. An important account that links the past with future generations, told in an artistic, poetic, social, and above all, human way. "JR, When you paste monumental photographs in the streets, you paste in a community, and the meaning of these images is not your personal thing, because their significance goes beyond what meets the eye. The observer meets reality and is forced to reflect". (Li Lei from The Wrinkles of the City Shanghai)