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Theory Hazit - 'Extra Credit' [CD]

Theory Hazit

Extra Credit


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Who is Theory Hazit? One man (Thearthur Washington) born in Kentucky and currently living in Cincinnati Ohio. A style addict on the microphone who also has a knack for making fresh beats. Theory Hazit is a dynamic SONG writer who knows how to make music that is entertaining, thought provoking and unpredictable. The album "Extra Credit" offers a wide range of material from raw rhymes, soulful r&b flavor and much more.
Beyond the music, Theory Hazit is a husband and father. He really wears his heart on his sleeve during the course of "Extra Credit". The 15 tracks take you on a journey through his personal life (past and present) with many unexpected detours. Theory also has a sense of humor, and he's not afraid to take risks with it. Short comical interludes and shocking battle raps are just another part of what Theory offers. Stay after class, put on your headphones and get some "Extra Credit".
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