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Thes One - 'Lifestyle Marketing' [CD [2CD]]

Thes One

Lifestyle Marketing

CD [2CD]

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With the blessing of the German born pianist and composer, Mr. Herb Pilhofer, Thes One of the critically acclaimed LA hip-hop group, People Under the Stairs, has re-worked commercials culled from the two volumes of Music That Works (released on Mr. Pilhofer's Studio 80 label) to create his debut solo effort, Lifestyle Marketing.
Coupled with a bonus CD containing highlights from Music That Works volumes and an interview between Thes and Mr. Pilhofer, Lifestyle Marketing will appeal to anyone with an interest in American music and popular culture as much as it will to die-hard fans of Thes One and his music.
Thes, one half of the world-renowned L.A. Hip-Hop duo People Under The Stairs, has gained a reputation as a prolific producer as well as one of the most studied, and produced classic hip-hop records such as O.S.T, The Next Step, and Stepfather.
The German born Herb Pilhofer is an accomplished pianist/composer with a list of accomplishments a mile long. Spending most of his life in the Minneapolis, MN area, Mr. Pilhofer has fronted jazz ensembles, scored movies, won a Grammy, and helped start and run the first digital recording studio in the country called Studio 80 (where a young Prince made his first demos). But his work in creating jingles for local and national companies using electronic instruments (Moogs and other synthesizers) was not only revolutionary, but also musically exciting with rich emotional depth.
Thes has uncovered many amazing LPs in his days of digging, but the collection of original commercial jingles that Herb Pilhofer produced is a career highlight. Acting as producer, arranger, mixing/mastering engineer, and A&R, this release is a true tour de force for Thes One.
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