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Thunderheist - 'Thunderheist' [CD]
Thunderheist - 'Thunderheist' [CD]
Thunderheist - 'Thunderheist' [CD]
Thunderheist - 'Thunderheist' [CD]





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The time has come! They've tempted us with "Jerk It," they've toyed with us with "Sweet 16," they've seduced us with "Nothing 2 Step 2". Now Isis and Grahmzilla unleash their monster debut album.... "Thunderheist"!!

Thirteen tracks of pure goodness, "Thunderheist" shows that Thunderheist the band can certainly do club-bangers (try "Jerk It" - currently to be heard in Oscar-nominated movie "The Wrestler" - for a taste of that) but can do all kinds of other things rather fucking well as well. The disco shimmer of 'Sweet 16' kicks things off with a message to young ladies enthralled with the seedier side of the nightlife. 'Nothing2Step2' is a bonafide electronic pop anthem that Isis refers to as her "Madonna moment." 'LBG (Little Booty Girl)' sees Zilla freak the low end with a digi-crunk nastiness as Isis tells listeners how ladies can run game despite have less junk in the trunk. The massive bassline shuffle, squelchy builds and catchy hooks on 'Bubblegum' get all backs off the wall, while on 'Slow Roll' the tempo moves into a slow bodyrocking rap groove. 'Space Cowboy' nods heavily towards Moroder with grand cascading synths leading to a glorious disco workout for a fierce lady getting lost in the trappings of a night out clubbing. Isis tries to keep the night going on 'The Party After'. The glorious melancholic dissonance on 'Freddie' is paired with emotional snapshots of getting caught up in the addiction of poisons (be these powder or people)... On the electro-flipped 'Do The Right Thing', Isis raps about the runner game (and we're not talking athletics). 'Red Whine' takes the listener into a flip on the digital dancehall territory with the call to twist up yuh self to let loose. 'Cruise Low' is built tough for car systems coast to coast to coast, synth stabs coming in heavy, double time rhyming courtesy of the baddest gal on the mic. 'Anthem' wraps things off with a disco-fied electropop flourish and the reminder that Thunderheist are gonna be at this for a good while.

Grahm and Isis began Thunderheist as a project to throw a wrench into static hip hop conventions and explore their love for the dancefloor. They are far more than an electrorap act grounded in rap, bass, and electro, but are also entrenched in disco, funk and R&B, crafting their own, brand new definition of future pop music. More than anything, there's something infectiously unpretentious and genuine about Thunderheist. They like going out and having a good time and have made the records to reflect this - party music for people who really like partying. Already being played by the likes of Pete Tong, Annie Mac and Annie Nightingale on Radio 1, huge on Myspace, loved by Pitchfork and Vice as well as Elton John (actually we made that shit up), 2009 is set to be a thunderous-ass year for them. Thunderheist is gaining speed and bandwidth, one byte per second, and heading straight for tera status. Get ready for it.
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