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Time Machine - 'Slow Your Roll' [CD]

Time Machine

Slow Your Roll


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There aren't many notably great things about the state of Rhode Island, or, well, anything that the state is noted for (I'm from Maine, go figure). Well, at least until now with Time Machine's new release Slow Your Roll on Glow In The Dark Records. Time Machine (composed of emcees Jaysonic and Comel as well as their DJ/Producer Mekalek) bring hip-hop back to the days when it was fun. Not to say that implies simple as Jay and Comel spit verbal ferocity over the smooth and often jazzy beats (mostly composed by Mek). This is the sort of CD that you'll find yourself listening over and over again. Time Machine has put R.I. on the map (Oh, how could I forget the credential garnered by Newport ciggs?). Jams to mos def peep are "Spelling Bee," "Reststop Sweetheart," "Night Life," and many, many more.
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