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<!--020031118016819-->TM Juke - 'Maps From The Wilderness' [CD]

TM Juke

Maps From The Wilderness




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A cohesion of beautiful melodies and rugged beats, "Maps from the Wilderness" is an accomplished album that should earn TM Juke the same accolades as fellow Tru Thoughts album acts Quantic, Jon Kennedy and Bonobo (who now record for Grand Central and Ninja Tune respectively).

Having recorded various songs for Tru Thoughts under the guise of Al Stylus, TM Juke took it upon himself to adopt a name suitable for styles and sounds he wished to explore with this album. The styles are varied and they seem to span the full orchestral range; rolling timpani drums underpin hazy beats whilst delicate guitars flitter amongst intricate strings.

As a producer, TM Juke draws on funk, soul, hip-hop and jazz influences, but adds a greater depth and maturity with immaculate arrangements that belie his twenty four years and give "Maps of the Wilderness" a strikingly original yet strangely familiar feel. Owing as much to the sampler as the guitar, the TM Juke sound embraces atmospheric melodies and street savvy beats in equal measures: this is made apparent by the album's guest vocalists. Jim Oxborough and Alice Russell who join together for "Knee Deep", the first single to be taken from the album, a lush affair with a natural swing and memorable hooks.

Bringing back the hip-hop, Canadian MC's Bread and Water lend their calculated style to "Get It Together" whilst appearing on behalf of the UK, Rup gets lyrical and gives "Wilderness Kids" an edge that sets it apart from any uniform hip-hop sound. "Maps from the Wilderness" has all the ingredients that make a great record, setting new agendas in instrumental music whilst retaining a universal appeal.
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