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T.O.K. - 'Footprints/ Hey Ladies/ Solid As A Rock' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]


Footprints/ Hey Ladies/ Solid As A Rock

Black Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record

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Product Details
T.O.K is sort of a Jamaican Pharell but in a group form. Everything they put out hits as big as any cuts on whatever particular riddim it may be on. "Foot Prints" hails from Don Corleon's smash hit the "Drop Leaf" riddim. "Foot Prints" was huge in JA and I'm sure it's still getting its fair share of radio play and in the dance. If even if you're not the biggest Thugs of Kingston fan, this song is pretty catchy. Back to the Pharell reference, everyone hates him from a music standpoint but knows in the back of their head or at the club his stuff is huge. The same crowd also wants to throw up on his 10 year old geared BBC line. It's putrid. This song got to the point where crossover appeal is a given. Pretty essential club crate material.
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