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Top Choice Clique - 'Reel Chemistry: The Anthology' [CD [2CD]]
Top Choice Clique - 'Reel Chemistry: The Anthology' [CD [2CD]]
Top Choice Clique - 'Reel Chemistry: The Anthology' [CD [2CD]]
Top Choice Clique - 'Reel Chemistry: The Anthology' [CD [2CD]]

Top Choice Clique

Reel Chemistry: The Anthology

CD [2CD]

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The cliche "ahead of their time" is way over used, especially in music. But sometimes, just sometimes, it truly applies. Jawn P., MC/DJ Force and DJ Gemini, together known as Top Choice Clique, played an integral part in building the late 80s / early 90s Boston Hip Hop scene before Edo. G and The Almighty RSO came along and finished the job. They are most well known for their "Substitution" borrowing single "Peace Of Mind" that has garnered praise for almost two decades from the likes of original leaflet Source Magazine, supreme rockers Extreme, UK's Grand Slam Magazine, Tragedy Khadafi and 7L & Esoteric. Like so many early rap acts, T.C.C. was defined by a single and confined by a contract. The group's deal with A&M Records resulted in contributions to movie soundtracks including "City Of Hope" and Mario Van Peebles' "Posse," but the album they recorded was never released, and the trio was dropped.

"We recorded an album that was never released (due to major label red tape etc). Even though the group may have fell shy of its full potential, I still believe we hold a chapter within the Golden Era of Boston Hip Hop as one of the true pioneers..."
- Jawn P.

Well, Brick Records agrees with you, Jawn, so it is with great honor that we present "Reel Chemistry: The Anthology." The package contains two discs, the first, that same shelved album, "Reel Chemistry," that contains the same raw uncompromising production, rhyming and attitude that originally may have almost done them in. The second disc is a collection of the group's best and favorite recordings hand picked by Jawn and Force themselves. Most of this material has never seen the light of day and is available now for the first time, completely re-mastered from the original tapes and dats. With a dense booklet jam-packed with liner notes, quotes, and vintage previously unseen photography, "Reel Chemistry: The Anthology" is a must have for any collector or fan of great golden age Hip Hop and will finally have T.C.C. shedding that dreaded 'Random Rap' stigma.

"Top Choice is the most underrated, under appreciated group to ever come out of Boston. Their live stage show was incredible and 'Peace Of Mind' is a bonified Hip Hop classic... and not just a 'Boston' classic."
- EDO.G, Recording Artist / Boston Hip Hop Icon

"My whole goal in being an emcee was so people could look up to me the way I looked up to Top Choice Clique. They were fearless in a terrifying era of Hip Hop music, way before it was 'safe' for everyone and their mother to go to shows and grab mics. They were my EPMD at the time and made the best record in Boston Hip Hop history with 'Peace of Mind.' You cannot talk about Hip Hop in Boston without a healthy understanding of the Top Choice legacy."
- Esoteric, Recording Artist / Boston Hip Hop Veteran
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