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Track Masons - 'The Product' [CD]
Track Masons - 'The Product' [CD]
Track Masons - 'The Product' [CD]
Track Masons - 'The Product' [CD]

Track Masons

The Product


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Track Masons is an independent Hip Hop/ R&B record label based out of Pennsylvania. The label is comprised of three artists: Bee Ez, Crusafix, & Ruckus and a handful of producers including Chef Boy-R-Beatz (JC) & TooMuch. The group has produced seven professionally recorded studio albums in the span of four plus years and has had the opportunity to record music featuring Juelz Santana.

The company was originally founded in 2006 by Dana B. & JC as a two man production team with the concept of building original music. After graduating from Wilkes University and four years of playing music side by side at 90.7 WCLH-FM, Wilkes University's radio station, the pair decided to spend more time producing music than playing it.

After working with numerous local artists and recording enough albums to satisfy a disc changer, Track Masons became an independent record label by 2010 with the intention of producing, promoting, and offering fresh, innovative compositions.

The Masons' have the ability to create all types of urban music ranging from party favorites such as "Da Bunz" & "My Song," to late night rendezvous music like "Dream Girl" & "I Would Like To Know," and everything in between.

Track Masons most recent releases include Crusafix's sophomore LP No Holdin' Back and Ruckus' self titled debut album. In 2011, TM is planning on increasing awareness of their music by performing live on various stages and continuing to promote original, genuine Hip Hop/ R&B.
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