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<!--020070619009831-->Tragedy Khadafi - 'The Death Of Tragedy' [CD]
<!--020070619009831-->Tragedy Khadafi - 'The Death Of Tragedy' [CD]
<!--020070619009831-->Tragedy Khadafi - 'The Death Of Tragedy' [CD]
<!--020070619009831-->Tragedy Khadafi - 'The Death Of Tragedy' [CD]

Tragedy Khadafi

The Death Of Tragedy



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The original Queensbridge rhymer and Juice Crew legend follows up his five critically acclaimed albums, "The Intelligent Hoodlum", "Tragedy", "Saga Of A Hoodlum", "Against All Odds" and "Still Reporting" as well as his recent 'Thug Matrix' mix CD editions with an all new full-length that is sure to take the streets by storm. 'Trag' is credited with discovering and developing Platinum selling Queensbridge alums Capone N' Noreaga and Mobb Deep, as well as launching his infamous record company, 25 To Life which released the underground classics "LA LA", "Blood Type" and "Strange Fruit" with Pete Rock. For Tragedy Khadafi's new album, titled "The Death Of Tragedy", the 'Foul Mahdi' has enlisted the production talents of The Alchemist, Havoc, Scram Jones & 4th Disciple as well as the verbal lashings of Kool G Rap, J-Hood (D-Block), Killah Sha and blood brother Christ Castro. Tragedy Khadafi has been through a lot in life, the streets, the industry and his music reflects that. Look for this project to solidify the legend of one of the most storied, truest and talented MCs to ever emerge from the world's largest housing projects.
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