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<!--020130430000587-->Turquoise Summers - 'A Touch Of Turquoise' [Cassette Tape]

Turquoise Summers

A Touch Of Turquoise

Cassette Tape


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Southern California native, TURQUOISE SUMMERS presents his debut full-length album A TOUCH OF TURQUOISE taking listeners on a ride through the night with these instrumental funk gems. Creating an intimate connection from the first note, then blasting off into heavy baselines, melodic synths providing the fuel to reach the deepest zones. These jams are not only touching a void they're providing a soundtrack to a deep interstellar story that brings the reflections of the city lights off the wet pavement into view. All these jams were channeled through original analog gear no digital compromises delivering a true richness in sound and dynamics.

Grab your shades and blast through the night with A TOUCH OF TOURQUOISE!
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